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Get your idea on candle holders becoming creative products in Sunny

Jolee Sunny Glassware 2021-03-26 22:02:03

Candle holder is not just a single life appliance, also has much art appreciation. Delicate candle holder can increase the interest of the home life. To create your own candle brand, you must want to have your own design on the candle jars.

When you just start candle business, you need to look for or design a candle jar that could hold the scented wax and also show your brand. Here I want to share a story with you. I received an inquiry of custom candle jar in May this year from W. She and her team just built up their own brand and they were searching candle jars. What they want was a regular cylinder glass candle jar, but they had their own idea on colors and logo. At the beginning, she wold like see visual proof with the color and logo needed. Its a easy work for Sunny Glassware, and we do this a lot for our customers. Later I send images of the vessels in more 10 Pantone colors and custom logo. In the following weeks, her team has changed logos for 3 times before confirm making samples. We can understand that, when someone starting his brand, there are so many ideas and options, and it is hard to decide which one is best one.

After several rounds of visual proof and adjustment we finally came to sample production. Sample were finished and sent out on time, W and her team loved the samples very much. However, they still had a lots of opinions to work through before confirm order. Yes, logo has changed again, decoration of the glass jar also need to be adjusted as well. So we make another round of visual proof for comparing and checking. After times of changes and adjustment, W decided the final effect for mass production, both of us are confident on this product and look forward to a long term cooperation on candle jars.

Sunny Glassware has a strong design team to develop our own products and also help our customers to get their idea on candle holders becoming creative products. And we are happy to help customers to build their new brands.

With rich experience in candle holder industry and strict quality control, Sunny Glassware can be your reliable candle holder supplier in China. So dont hesitate to contact us no matter you just start candle business or have been in this industry for year, we trust that we could help both of us to earn the utmost benefits in near future.